Lowell Community Food Assessment

The primary goal of a Community Food Assessment (CFA) is to create a picture of a community’s food system. It does this through the collection of data and information that identifies current food resources and needs in the community.

The Lowell Community Food Assessment (CFA) is a community wide study of the food resources and needs in the City of Lowell. The assessment will include:

  • Mapping out current resources:
    • Food producers within a 30 mile radius
    • Food distribution in Lowell
    • Food consumption in Lowell
  • Identifying the areas of need through surveys;
  • Locating areas for potential development;
  • Creating strategic recommendations for the city of Lowell and for organizations that are involved in food security.

Additional goals for the CFA include:

  • Empowering the voices of constituents and partner organizations while providing important data and a lasting network for future initiatives and funding opportunities.
  • Identifying gaps and voids in the existing food system as well as resources that can contribute to improving programs and services for the benefit of the people most in need of nutritious food.
  •  Creating policy and procedures for building a healthier community.
  • Exposing community resources that can be shared with constituents, and understanding how we can increase our effectiveness in encouraging a healthier and more aware community.
  • Identifying areas where local food production can be increased and raising support and interest in the creation of more resources for local farmers and gardeners.
  • Acting as a tool that will increase the capacity for community organizing, especially among constituent groups.
  • Promoting economic development via our local food system.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help with the CFA. More information can be found on our ‘How to Help’ page.


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